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How I Fucked Up...

A good idea at the time.. Mykonos on one...

When in Greece, do what the Greeks do (or the Italians, Germans, Aussies etc). A little bit of advice if I may, maybe not. Here is a little story about the time my partner and I thought it would be a great idea to hire a motorcycle in Mykonos. This would be one of the many adventures we would embark upon, and one of many stories we would share over a drink or two or maybe three.

Wild Camping – A Cautionary Tale

Although only a very small number of people infected with the histoplasmosis fungus develop OHS, if you have been exposed, you should be sensitive to any changes in your eyesight. Apparently, I had become one of that small number of people.

I Almost Got Shot In Italy

A lot happened in one night… I missed a few trains, fell asleep on another train, almost walked into a military base, and slept outside on a bench. But like I always say, it’s these type of situations that make traveling fun.

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