Driving abroad in a foreign country cane very daunting.  We have driven in many countries around the world, and with that not really knowing the best ways to save money, stay safe, or just some useful tips to make your travels that little bit better.  I have put together some of the ones i feel, would keep you from over spending and not getting lost.

  • Avoid petrol stations on the moterways or any main road, they hike up the price for the convenience but with the ease of the gps find a local supermarket and fill up instead.
  • Services, those lovely hubs of bad fast food and overpriced everything. Use the toilets and nothing else, trust me these places are money pits, be more prepared and avoid buying food in these places.
  • Superstores will become a good friend but only if you are prepared and write a list because otherwise you will over spend.
  • The need for a good GPS system is very important. We use apple maps a lot (only available on Apple iPhones). It’s great at showing you the road congestion, this helps when time is dwindling.  Another great one is Google Maps.
  • Pack essentials in an easy grab bag, such as fruit squash (cordial), snacks, charger leads, addtional devices or anything you would use in a normal day. It saves so much hassle searching though everything to find what you need.
  • Extra plastic carrer bags! Because dirty washing or general rubbish colects. So don’t go saying no to those desposal little gems, you will need them in the road eventually.
  • Sort out your entertainment, by this i mean a decent radio station, good music on CDs or even podcasts via Bluetooth off your phone. Of course passengers have a load they could do from reading, puzzle books to plays various on the road car spotting games.
  • Cigarette car charger, this has been a lifesaver at times as not all cars have these ports so be savey and order one before you head off.
  • Be prepared for rush hour times, you cant beat them all. Your always going to try and avoid them but sometimes you will just have to suffer with the tedium. They tend to be between the hours of 7am-9am and then again between 4pm-7pm.


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