We had been back just 2 days and Tina was getting the shakes for having gone so long without some great British cream teas. We were at that point staying down in the New Forest and the nearest ones to us were The Old Station Tea Rooms.

It was very quiet, but it was 11.45am and all.

We didn’t even need to see the menu to know what we were going to have.

“I’ll have a station house cream tea with 2 scones please” Tina said with excitement. When they came. OMG, they were huge. You see in shops these yummy looking scones. Then you come to a place like this and feel like you have been served boulders with some jam and preserves.

As you can see form below, these 2 scones would be enough for a dinner alone. Now for the all important British dilemma. Do you put the cream on first and the Jam on top or the other way around. The Cornish method, the warm scone is first split in two, then spread with strawberry jam, and finally topped with a spoonful of clotted cream. A Devon cream tea would be a scone halves, and a dollop of cream tea topped with strawberry jam.

As you can see, I go for the Cornish way. Tina, however opted for the Devon way of reading cream teas.

This is the Cornish way of having a cream tea. Strawberry jam with clotted cream on top.
Tina opted for some marmalade topped on the clotted cream.

You will find hundreds of these tea rooms scattered all over the country. But if you are in the New Forest and near to here pop in and say hi. You will be looking at about £20 for a lunch (if your hungry) about £10 if you don’t mind sharing 2 scones.


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