As we were walking through the winding back streets of st ives, we came to a street with a multitude of little boutique shops, we took a wander down and came across ‘Myrings Fudge & Rock shop’.

This is a very traditional little slice of Cornish history, a family run business that has been open for the last 30 years and  gives us our childhood back one sweet at a time. It’s not on the costal road but it isn’t far and we found it by just taking a wonder though town. Its a plesent walk and one i recomend,

just take a wonder….

Food Quality

Well as we walked into this wonderful emporium of sweet treats (which sent  me into a little bit of a frenzy, saying ooo i remember those). They had everything you can imagine and of course I wanted every single thing in there but we made a b-line for the rows and rows of fudge.

Stacked up were thick bars of the deep carmal coloured fudge, with the maltitude of flavours such as maltster and shortbread inspired flavours. Hmmmmm, the smell as you get up closer to the lengthy cabernet was intense but not overpowering, it was so sweet and definitely made my mouth water.  So what flavours did we go for hmm…. well after antagonising over what we should get we went for the traditional cottage cream, triple chocolate, malteaser and shortbread which was delightfuly crumbly. Thay all tasted very nice and i’m quite sure we could of eaten the other noumours flavours too given as half the chance. It was clearly very well made, not at all grainy of dry as some can be, i would recommend to take a visit to this little place.

Value for Money

So we were kinda on a little bit of a mission anyway, were in cornwall. We absolutely have to buy pasties, scones and fudge!

So as we wondered around st ives little back streets, we peered at the prices of things as we went through. Myrings in our eyes had the best selection of fudge on offer and at the most competative price that we could find.


Well as i mentioned already, the shop was full to the brim of sweet treats that could possibly please the most fussest of people. If i had a endless buget and not a diserproving mister lee there with me, could of easly bought a whole lot more. She says quitley wispering to herself, so i dont get that look now. The aroma, the friendly service and the shear nostalgia of all our childhood sweets on offer makes for a lovely place to wonder around.


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