So as we took a long drive up the north coast of Cornwall we had reached our last destination for the day and by this time i had been in Cornwall for two days now and i hadn’t even sniffed a scone, let alone devioured a traditional cream cream tea.

Paulines Creamery in Newquay

So finally we were in Newquay, and after scouring the on the world wide web for the best Cornish cream teas, Paulines Creamery cropped up on quite a few of the top ten lists.

Yay! The sweet craving manic that lives within me was exceptionally happy to arrive at this very traditional tearoom, set above the bakery below. Yay! Hehe

We placed our order with our curious waiter, who even let mister lee chance his tea for a fizzy orange (blasfamy i know, but I have come to terms with his aversion to hot drinks).

Anyway i had the full works fresh warm scones, clotted cream and stawberry jam. It was as the reviews had suggested an excellent display of an afternoon cream tea. My only very nigally disappointment was the use of an low quality jam, you could tell although it was tasty, the quality was of a mass produced cheap jam.

But as i said i was happy enough to keep on going back for more and more of it. Hehe

This is a lovely place in the heart of town and i would really recommend you pop in when your ever near Newquay in Cornwall.

Tina x

Paulines Creamery in Newquay


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