So it was valentine’s day (back in 2015.  I know, a tad late in getting the article up i know) and mister lee was taking me out for a delightful surprise day out.

We arrived around mid morning at the very small Ice-cream parlour in the town centre of Horsham.

It was already quite busy but luckily we got a seat in one of their American style booths.

From the various items on the menu they offer savory and sweet waffels, crapes and Yankee stacks of pancakes. As we hadn’t had breakfast yet we both decided to go for something vaguely representative of breakfast and had a stack each of their yankee pancakes.

I had a traditional American pancakes with the full works and mister lee went for the chocolate ones with eggs and bacon.

I was about half twelve now and the place was packed, with a long line out the door. Lee didn’t book but we were glad of getting here early.
We really did made a huge mistake of ordering a glorious milkshake each, we both went for a chocolate and because they were amazing we pretty much finished it before our mains even came (yes! we are greedy piggys).

So when our mains came, we both looked at each other and said blimey! It was an enormous amount of food for two people who had just consumed probably a pint of thickest Icecream milkshake each but of course we devoured it anyway.

Did i not mention were rather greedy and hate food going to waste, well thats our excuse anyway (oink oink, hehe). The milkshake and pancakes were faultless really and i would happily go back again and again. This quaint place may be tiny but i would recommend booking ahead as it fills up fast.

Happy devioring!
Tina x

Sugar & Snow in the heart of Horsham