It was the evening of the Brisbane River Fire 2016. It was packed. I mean not just a little, but tens of thousands of people depend onto all sides of the Brisbane river. It was a free event, and we have been told that anything free and Aussies love it.

So, earlier on while in Brisbane we were invited to a bloggers event at the Harajuka Ghyza in which at the end of the evening we were given 2x $10AUD gift cards to use. We bonded our time in using them until we really had little time let. We arrived in good time, so wasn’t to long in getting our delicious desserts.

  • Triple chocolate brownie, and
  • Lemon mirangue pie
Nitro Genie – Triple Chocolate Brownie in Southbank, Brisbane

Those were the two we chose, and with a a couple of dollars to spare got a bottled water. As when we found our space we were not moving for anyone!

Right, back to Nitro Genie.

These desserts were incredibly smooth, i knew they would because they use liquid nitrogen to freezer there ice creams. Hence the name i guess. They were only small tubs as you can see my the images. The only real draw back (and this was completely our doing). We left them until we had found a space to view the fireworks from. The only trouble with this, with the Brisbane heat in late September meant that our delicious ice creams were melting quicker than a chocolate teapot in the desert (don’t ask why i used that as an analogy).

But when we did get to eat them. OMG!! you just wanted to savour every mouthful again, and again. You really wouldn’t want anything bigger than what you get really, as for me i could only assume you would loose the enjoyment as you would need to eat it all (then suffer the brain freeze). Well, you can’t waste any now can you.

We visited the Brisbane, Southbank store. But as you can see from below they are spreading out all over the globe (including two of our favourite UK theme parks)

So locate your nearest one and take a trip down. You will not be disappointed!


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