It was a scorching August day here in Bali and our driver had put together a itinerary for the day ahead. Having already sampled the poo coffee (coffee luwak) earlier in the day it was time to have some food. Bawa (our professional driver) had asked what sort of food we fancied, buffet or off menu. We had had enough of buffet food at this point (we get that every morning for breakfast). So opted to for an a la carte style lunch.

Parking at Warung Baling-Baling was not an issue as there were plenty of spaces. Even at the height of the afternoon.

You will find in Bali if a driver takes you anywhere, they will often not eat with you. This is because they get fed for free as a thank you for taking you to them. We had, had a few meals like this. The views here were so spectacular and watching Bawa eat alone didn’t sit right with us. So we decided to ask him to join us. Which he reluctantly did.

We had already ordered at this point. Both going to the chicken sambal. Oh boy was it hot! Delicious, but very hot. Almost to the point it was inedible. For the price we paid was a bargain! I think if memory serves right we paid around 120,000IDR which was about £6 (which included two massive bottles of water).

We would highly recommend visiting Warung Baling-Baling even if its just for the views. We even found out about the area had we not invited our driver to eat with us.


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