It was towards the end of September 2016 and it was the Brisbane river fire fireworks display. The event was a free event which meant every man and his dog was going. Little did I expect how busy it was to be. Indeed every man and his dog turned out for the annual celebrations.

We were staying about an hour inland from Brisbane itself so we set off in the car to find a parking space. Fuck me, it was easier to find a needle in a haystack! We ended up parking in one of the multi-storey car parks in Southbank. I cannot remember the costs but it was at least $20AUD for the privilege.

Following the masses we went through the bag checks and tried to find Nitro Genie. You can see what we thought of it HERE.

From there it was time to find our valuable seating/standing room. It was a full 3 hours before the fireworks were meant to start and the riverbanks were heaving with people that must have camped out all day. With their Fishermans chairs and cool boxes packed with all the food they need for an appocolypse! We were quite fortunate and we navigated our way to near the front and with a cracking view of the fireworks ahead.

What seemed like hours past before anything happened. My phone battery draining fast playing PokemonGO! Well, you gotta catch ‘em all haven’t you.

I must say though, the evening was not a disappointment at all. All I will do is put some of the videos below.



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