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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Nicole Mathai

Official Look at our World Contributor

Nicole Mathai
I attract strange people and am always stuck in weird situations. I think they make for funny stories. So... I hope you enjoy my funny anecdotes.

I Almost Got Shot In Italy

A lot happened in one night… I missed a few trains, fell asleep on another train, almost walked into a military base, and slept outside on a bench. But like I always say, it’s these type of situations that make traveling fun.

A Bizarre Conversation With A Dutchman

The Dutch are fantastic. They're fun, easy going, and will include you in the most bizarre conversations.

I’m Not Gondolie, Venice Has My Heart

"I had never set my eyes on a sky so blue and water so pearl-like before. The buildings are magnificent. Even in their battered, crumbling, antiquated state. It allows you to envision its history playing around you. I could see Casanova tiptoeing on the wall’s edge of Doge’s Palace. I could see Marco Polo getting ready to set sail for the East."