The Bakehouse on Wentworth Pie Shop on the Blue Mountains


Okay, so this hidden little gem is a place we love to champion, our blue mountains tour guide recommend this bakery, and we thought that we would check it out.

As I said it was recommended to us, and it was in direct competition with a lot of local food places in this tiny little tourist town. It wasn’t in direct line of sight in the town, but a good recommended is worth so much more than a blind taste test anywhere else.

Food Quality

I chose a steak, bacon and cheese pie and Lee chose a chicken, leek and mushroom pie, ooo they looked so tempting in their display can and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with mine.

Mine was a proper pie, It had big chunks of meat, the gravy was sweet and salty at the same time and the pastry, ooo really buttery crispy and perfectly cooked. It was a little browner then it should have been, but that didn’t stop my mouth is just salivating at just the thought of it.

Lee wasn’t so impressed with his, he thought the gravy was too runny, and there wasn’t enough seasoning.

We also indulged in a chocolate tart, a crisp shell filled with chocolate ganache, we not sure it was worth the price tag but it was tasty.

I love what they stand for though; it’s clear from the bakery itself that they take pride in what they do.

Value for money

Our pies where $7 ASD each about (£3.50p) and the chocolate tart was $4.50 (£2.25p) about right against English prices but are a little pricey for the Australian market. But the prices reflective of the area we were in, it was a very touristy small village in the middle of the blue mountains.


Okay so it was a little bit quiet at 2/3pm ish, but we really did come in at the end of the working day for a bakery, but they were still a regular flow of customers coming in and out.



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