The Very Disappointing Freakshake at The Depot in Newcastle


Located on a very trendy part of Newcastle we just couldn’t wait to try these disgustingly tasty looking beasts of a milkshake. For those who aren’t aware of the completely trendy milkshakes that are famous on the work full world of Instagram.

Food Quality

Okay, so after looking over the printed Instagram post, I decided I want the strawberry shortcake one and Lee went for the chocolate brownie milkshake. As I’m quite partial to a beautiful strawberry milkshake, I thought this would totally rock my world, I mean, just look at it. It’s a complete work of art and as I ate the toppings first (because where else do you start) Candyfloss was awesome, check.

But unfortunately it did go downhill from there, the biscuit was really brittle and as I eventually drank the milkshake it was so overly sweet I couldn’t drink it all, yep you heard it right, this sugar craving girl couldn’t bring herself to drink it. And as I tipped up the glass it became clear I had a good inch of synthetic bright pink sauce at the bottom of my glass.

Yuck! No wonder, I couldn’t drink it.

Unfortunately, Lee’s was much the same, this was definitely a case of form over function. I was hoping for so much and they really didn’t deliver.

Value for Money

Okay so the ‘freak shakes’ were pricey at $13 each but we thought we were buying something unique but yep you guessed it, they looked so amazing and I thought there would be a sign of quality handmade products inside. But alas nope, mass production was the key here, unfortunately. We even store a line up of jars filled with the sauce in the fridges by the toilets.

Yeah, my heart sunk and I was really disappointed.


So it was Saturday and this place was fairly busy but with people eating savoury food there not the milkshakes, maybe that was a sign! We left sad, disheartened and $26 dollars lighter. What a waste. 🙁

Please, can someone make me an amazing, freak shake! Anyone! Please.


  1. There is a place here in Rotorua called Ciccio Italian Cafe, they also make these going to try one this Sunday on Mothers Day so I will keep you posted 😉


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