The Legacy Lives On At Steve Irwins Australia Zoo


What a whirlwind adventure filled day we had at Australia Zoo; we went with Lees family which meant nine of us descending on the park on a school holiday too. As you could imagine a little manic but a good day was about to descend on us.

We started off by looking at the right side of the park. First, we visited the alligators, the turtles, dingo’s, and the cassowary too. We then had to check out the midday show of the wildlife warriors; it started by having a unique performance from Bindi herself (daughter of Steve Irwin) dance with the children of the crowd, while we were waiting for the show to start.

Steve Irwins Australia Zoo

The show started, and the animals swooped over the crowds, we all oohed and arrr’d but we were waiting for the croc to come out. The croc show is always the best, and it was as impressive as promised they talked us through the dangers of standing by the water and then demonstrating what could happen. They also fed the croc in various positions around the enclosure, so we got some awesome pictures too.

Next was picnic time; we were starving after the show, so we sat just outside and ate the food we had brought with us but of course the kids just wanted to run around and go in the giant bouncy castle slide.

After lunch we took a walk through the kangaroos and fed them as we walked through, to be honest, they weren’t that fussed with the food, but they were patient with all the kids running over and petting them.

Steve Irwins Australia Zoo

We then took a walk through the tiger’s enclosure, aww the tiny cute tiger cubs were so cute it was unreal. We kept strolling along to the island with the lemurs. We initially didn’t see any close-up, so we made our way up to the top of the giant tree house. As we came down the pack of lemurs were crossing our path, Lee got some great pictures of the stragglers of the pack.

We then took the argues walk to the Africa enclose to see the zebra, giraffes, and rhinos. They were awesome, so cute in their way but I’ll never get over the fact of the kids calling them ji..ri..nos, so funny.

Because it is winter over here in July (yes July) they had a winter land theme bit open for the kids due to it being school holidays. The could have a snowball fight with real snow, or they could go tobogganing down the snowy slope (which they did over and over again) but to be honest I was more interested in the baby koalas just around the corner, they were so fluffy and cute. Defiantly a fantastic day with Lee and his family.

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Steve Irwins Australia ZooSteve Irwins Australia Zoo


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